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Cove Castile Soap Review
photo credit: Cove

Here is my honest review of Cove castile soap. Cove castile soap is certified organic and 100% all natural. It is not secret that I LOVE castile soap! I use it to make my own baby wash, hand soap, laundry detergent, household cleaners, you name it. 

What makes Cove castile soap different from the rest is that it is made with all-natural, vegan, and biodegradable ingredients. Cove castile soap is not made from animal fats or byproducts that are commonly found in other natural soaps.

Cove castile soap has no added detergents or foaming agents, which can be harmful to your skin and the environment. Unlike other castile soaps, Cove castile soap does not use palm kernel oil because its cultivation leads to the destruction of our rainforests. 

If you have been wanting to try castile soap, I totally recommend Cove castile soap and hope you love it as much as I do!

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