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The Ultimate Guide to Non-Toxic Products

This is the ultimate guide to non-toxic products. If you have been curious about the natural alternatives and non-toxic products out there, this is the place to find all of my recommendations.

Here’s the deal, the reality is we are surrounded by toxins everywhere. While there are some that we cannot avoid, there are many that we can. We have control over the products we buy and the good news is there are so many great options these days.

My passion for non-toxic living arose when I developed health problems and nothing seemed to be helping me feel better. When I got pregnant, I knew I wanted only the best for my unborn son and I became more aware of what I was putting in and on my body and ultimately in his developing body as well.

Back in 2013 when All Natural & Good was born, I was making my own non-toxic products so I knew exactly what they were made from. From deodorant to sunscreen, you name it, I made it! This became too much work for me once I became a new mom though.

I decided All Natural & Good was the perfect platform for sharing my recipes with my friends, family and followers so that they could learn how to make their own products too. Now as a busy mom of three, I have absolutely no time for making my own products.

So, here is the ultimate guide to non-toxic products!


I am going to start off with mattresses because we spend a signifiant portion of our lives on them. What most of us do not think about is how our mattress might be affecting our health and the air that we breathe.

If you haven’t thought about it yet, now might be the time to become more aware of the chemicals and toxins inside your mattress. Gels, latex, foams and many other mattress materials may contain toxic chemicals that often off-gas, causing us to breathe in many of these toxins.

These chemicals may worsen symptoms of allergies and asthma too. I have experienced this first hand with my four year old son who has asthma. Before he was diagnosed with asthma, he had a horrible wheezy cough every night. Since his diagnosis, we have been diligent in making his room as asthma-friendly as possible. We invested in a non-toxic mattress and bedding and I must say it has been worth every penny!

Be careful though, because sometimes these “organic” and “natural” mattresses aren’t as healthy as they sound. Do your research about the mattress and company you are planning to buy from.

The Ultimate Guide to Non-Toxic Mattresses

My two favorite non-toxic mattresses are Avocado Green Mattress and My Green Mattress.

Avocado Green Mattress


Cookware is another category of products we may not think about when it comes to the chemicals they may contain. When it comes to preparing organic, healthy meals for your family, you might be using multiple pieces of kitchenware to prepare a meal – for mixing bowls to kitchen utensils.

Beware of on-stick cookware, specifically Teflon, a carcinogenic chemical that creates a “non-stick” coating. When heated, toxins are released and absorbed in your food.

Also beware of aluminum cookware, as most contains Teflon too. Avoiding all aluminum and non-stick cookware is the best way to start eliminating harmful cookware from your home.

The Ultimate Guide to Non-Toxic Cookware Products

I am obsessed with the VitaClay organic multi-cooker stock pot. This is sort of a cross between an instant pot and crock pot. It is made of non-toxic materials and safely prepares meals without losing its nutrients and flavors.

Use my code ALLNATURALANDGOOD10 for 10% off your VitaClay!

Beauty Products:

There are thousands of beauty related products out there! Think about everything you put on your body every single day. From shampoo, body wash and lotion to face creams, deodorant and makeup.

Bold Vegan Mascara

You might be surprised by how many chemicals are in many beauty products out there. But don’t be alarmed, as there are so many great natural alternatives these days. 

Here are some shocking statistics about toxins in beauty and personal care products: 
  1. The average teenage girl uses 17 beauty products per day while their mothers use about 12 per day.
  2. Many of these products contain toxins like triclosan, parabens, fragrance, formaldehyde, etc. which is found in nail polish, sunscreen, toothpaste, perfumes/sprays, lotion, makeup and all kinds of beauty and personal care products.
  3. Many toxins in beauty products are EDC (endocrine disrupting chemicals) which are believed to be a cause of early puberty in girls. Early puberty is then linked to early sexual activity, earlier substance use, pregnancy and depression.
So how do we know what is really in our beauty products and how can we avoid the toxic ones? is your new best friend! This website does it’s own research on products and identifies toxic ingredients and what their side effects are (hormone disrupting, carcinogenic, etc.) and each product is giving a rating from 1-10 based on how toxic it is (1 and 2 being ideal).

They also have an amazing app called Healthy Living which allows you to scan your products right on your phone. I scan everything before I buy it and I have even scanned products I already have that I was unsure about.

These products can be avoided! How? There are several natural solutions these products. EWG will point out the best products to use with the lowest toxicity levels. For me, I just make everything myself so I know exactly what is going into them. It saves me time and money too!

The Ultimate Guide to Non-Toxic Makeup Products

I really like Au Naturale Cosmetics and 100% Pure. Or you can try to make your own beauty products using my recipes here!

Nail Polish:

Thankfully, non-toxic nail polish does exist! If you haven’t heard this already, I’m telling you now. Nail polish may contain several carcinogenic and toxic ingredients that can disrupt your hormones.

Sadly, most nail polishes out there contain formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor, and formaldehyde resin, all of which has been shown to have toxic effects on the body.

Again, the EWG database is great for becoming more aware about your nail polish and how to find healthier alternatives.

When you apply nail polish, it gets absorbed into your skin and bloodstream, which is something most people are unaware of. And that isn’t just for nail polish, but any product you put on your body – lotion, sunscreen, perfume, toothpaste, etc.

The Ultimate Guide to Non-Toxic Nail Polish

Zoya nail polishes are FREE of formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor, and formaldehyde resin. I also love the colors they offer and they always give me a long-lasting manicure or pedicure.

Best of all, you can buy Zoya products on Amazon!


Maybe you haven’t thought about the toxic ingredients that are lurking in your favorite sunscreen yet. Maybe you love the tropical scent or the way it glides on effortlessly. Or maybe you remember wearing that brand since you were a kid and wonder how it could ever do you wrong.

Sadly, many sunscreens contain an alarming amount of chemicals that are known to be toxic to our health. These chemicals soak into our skin, entering our bloodstream. Traces of these chemicals can be found in our blood, urine and breast milk for up to 2 days after only one use.

Chemicals commonly found in sunscreens include:
  1. Avobenzone
  2. Oxybenzone
  3. Octinoxate
  4. Homosalate
  5. Octisalate
  6. Octocrylene
  7. Fragrance 

Check your sunscreen’s label! I am sure you will see one of these ingredients on there.

These chemicals penetrate through the skin and may disrupt hormones, reproductive and thyroid systems, cause skin allergies, and expose your unborn baby when worn by pregnant women.

Fragrance is an ingredient that may contain hundreds, even thousands of chemicals, many linked to cancer.

The better choices are mineral-based sunscreens made from non-nano zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide. You may find sunscreens with zinc or titanium dioxide as the main ingredient, but be careful, because sometimes these sunscreens contain some of the chemicals listed above in their inactive ingredient list.

The Ultimate Guide to Non-Toxic Sunscreen

The best natural sunscreens I have found so far with an EWG rating of 1 (safest rating on a scale of 1-10) are below. And remember, just because it says “natural” or “dermatologist recommended” or even “oxybenzone free” does not always mean it is safe or free of toxic chemicals.

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