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photo credit: WaxonWare

I was curious about WaxonWare from the minute I saw it! You know me…I am all about all natural anything, including using safe cookware for my family. Are you aware of all the chemicals in a lot of cookware out there? Not WaxonWare!

This sauce pan is made with Stonetec, which is 100% PFOA, lead, and cadmium free non-stick ceramic coating made from natural stone. It is made using a high quality aluminum alloy and has a powerful magnetized induction bottom for even heat distribution. Here is what I thought about the WaxonWare sauce pan:

As a Le Creuset snob (yes, it has been all that I will buy), I was very impressed with this sauce pan and it is something I will use for years to come! Right away I noticed how lightweight it is compared to my heavy duty cast iron cookware. It is beautiful! I love the unique look and it matches perfectly with my blue themed kitchen.

I decided to use this sauce pan to make homemade pizza sauce. I followed the directions exactly by coating it with oil for its first use. I added my ingredients and used low/medium heat. I then turned around to do a few dishes when I heard the sauce boiling after less than 2 minutes!! Wow! The heat distribution is so fast and efficient!

Cleaning it was a breeze. I am used to the high maintenance required to keep high quality cookware in great condition, so the specific cleaning instructions did not bother me at all. They suggest letting cold water soak in the pan for 5 minutes after use to prevent warping. I did that then washed it with warm soapy water and a soft sponge.

I love that WaxonWare is only a fraction of the cost of Le Creuset cookware, making it such a steal!

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