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20 Uses for one Bottle of Essential Oil

There are more than 20 ways to use just one bottle of essential oil!

Most bottles are about 15 ml, which contains about 250 drops. So when you are just getting started with essential oils or maybe you are on a tight budget, all you really need is just one bottle that can be used in so many ways!

Here are more than 20 ways to use just one bottle of essential oil:

  1. Diffuse – Diffusing is my favorite! All you need is 2-5 drops to diffuse for a few hours. Check out the benefits of diffusing and all about diffusing essential oils around babies or pets.
  2. Reflexology – There are so many ways to support your body systems through the bottoms of your feet.
  3. Perfume – Use 1-2 drops as a perfume.
  4. Roll-On – Make an essential oil roll-on for easy topical application.
  5. Body Scrub – Make a homemade body scrub with essential oils.
  6. Body Butter – Make your own body butter with your favorite essential oil.
  7. Laundry – Freshen laundry by adding 2-3 drops to your washer or add 2-3 drops to a cloth and add to the dryer. One whole bottle of essential oil can freshen 125 loads of laundry!
  8. Cleaner – Make a household cleaner with essential oils.
  9. Trash Can – Use 2 drops on a cotton ball and at to your trash cans or diaper pail to keep odors away.
  10. Carpet – Make a carpet deodorizer with your favorite essential oil.
  11. Room Spray – Make your own room spray to naturally freshen the air and eliminate odors.
  12. Milk Bath – Add essential oils to a milk bath for babies or adults.
  13. Monster Away Spray – Make some monster away spray with your kids!
  14. Playdough – Making homemade play dough is so much fun and kids love when it is scented with essential oils.
  15. Bath Salts – Add essential oils to your bath with epsom salt.
  16. Deodorant – Make your own deodorant with your favorite essential oil.
  17. Bath Bombs – Make your own bath bombs with essential oils.
  18. SoapMake your own soap!
  19. Laundry SoapHomemade laundry soap uses essential oils and saves you a lot of money!
  20. Hair MaskMake a hair mask using coconut oil and essential oils.
  21. Massage – Add 1-3 drops of essential oils to 1 teaspoon of carrier oil for a relaxing massage.
  22. Facial TonerMake your own facial toner with just 3 ingredients!
  23. Reed DiffuserMake your own reed diffuser to use around the house or as a gift.

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