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DIY Lavender Sachets

DIY lavender sachets are SO easy to make and they make great gifts, birthday/shower/wedding favors or just because you want your panty drawer to smell good.

Whether you throw these in your purse or handbag or gift away for the holidays, they are so easy to make. With only a few supplies and plenty of love, these are the best frugal gifts. If you have fresh lavender from your garden, even better!

My most favorite part is that you can still make use of them even after the lavender scent has faded.

Okay, all you need are the few following supplies:

  1. fresh or Organic Dried Lavender Flowers 
  2. These cute little Muslin Sachet Bags
  3. Add some ribbon or tie a cinnamon stick around it to add an extra scent.

Ways to use DIY lavender sachets:

I like to use these lavender sachets in my dryer to give my clothing and linens a nice scent. Each lavender sachet can be used up to 5-10 times each!

When I feel like they are no longer usable, I break open the bag and sprinkle the lavender on my carpet then vacuum it right up!

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