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Homemade Potpourri

Homemade potpourri is the perfect natural alternative to chemical air fresheners and sprays. There are so many different options to make it unique with what you can find.

Did you know that many of those air fresheners we use and love can contain over 300 toxic chemicals also known as “fragrance”? Many fragrances contain formaldehyde and other chemicals linked to cancer. No thanks! Replace those nasty chemical air fresheners with natural ones!

Homemade Potpourri

You can use any combination of the following –

  1. herbs (fresh or dried)
  2. flowers (fresh or dried)
  3. fruit rinds or dried fruit
  4. cinnamon sticks
  5. essential oilsI used my dehydrator to dry some fresh rosemary and rose petals from my garden. You can buy the ingredients also. Once dried, I mixed them in a bowl and added some cinnamon sticks.I then added a few drops or so of lavender essential oil and lemon essential oil, but you can use whatever essential oils you want, depending on the scent you are going for.Put your homemade potpourri mixture in an open container or mason jar and use it in any room as a natural way to deodorize and freshen the air.

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