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Elderberry Vs Tamiflu - Which is Better?

I read a controversial article a few weeks ago about a young child dying from the flu because he was given natural remedies rather than Tamiflu. For starters, hearing of anyone die of anything deeply saddens me. But oh was there quite the debate about this. When it comes to this decision I think it’s always best to talk to your doctor. Elderberry vs Tamil – which is better?

Our pediatrician is a firm believer in elderberry syrup. She thinks it is more effective than Tamiflu but without the side effects. Her philosophy also coincides with getting the flu shot. I am not a doctor, so this post is based off of my own experiences only.

While we are a family who vaccinates, we have decided to forego the flu shot for many years. It is still something I go back and fourth about, as this is our second year in a row with flu infesting our household but on the other hand there are also many people we know who got the flu shot and still got the flu anyway. It partly protects against the flu but not entirely.

Although there are pros and cons to either decision, that is also something to talk to your doctor about and whether elderberry or Tamiflu (or both) makes sense for you.

Elderberry vs Tamiflu – Which is Better?

Each year, our entire family drinks elderberry syrup ritually. Our kids also love the elderberry gummies which are a great option for those who don’t like the syrup. We are a lot healthier since adding elderberry to our daily regimen.

I think the reason we have had the flu for two years in a row is the fact that all of my kids are now in school and around a lot more germs than they used to be when they were at home. Aside from the flu, we’ve been relatively healthy this year – a great improvement from last year.

Here’s the thing, whether you get the flu shot or not and still get the flu or not, there are still the stomach bugs, colds and other viruses that are going around too. While the flu shot cannot prevent colds, stomach bugs and other viruses, a healthy dose of elderberry can help.

My middle daughter has the flu right now actually and elderberry has saved us! I even felt my body fighting off the flu the other night in my sleep as I was experiencing stomach cramping and chills. I was able to sleep it off and woke up feeling great.

Elderberry has many amazing properties that naturally fight infection. You can Google this yourself to read up on elderberry. I love it so much that I have elderberry plants growing in my yard. The entire plant has benefits including the elderflowers. If you ever come in contact with an elderberry plant, do not eat the berries raw. They need to be cooked down.

Want to make your own elderberry syrup to save money? Here’s my recipe for homemade elderberry syrup.

Vitamin D

Vitamin d is another supplement our pediatrician swears by. It is known to protect against the flu, colds and even the coronavirus. This is another vitamin our entire family takes on a daily basis. I really do think the elderberry and vitamin d have helped us tremendously.

Listen to Your Intuition

Elderberry vs Tamiflu – which is better? When it comes to illness I think it’s always best to listen to your intuition. Do not hesitate to take your child to the doctor or even emergency room when they are sick and showing signs of being unusually unwell. There are many factors that may contribute to the number of deaths associated with the flu and its complications.

If you have a compromised immune system or other health conditions, do not delay treatment. If Tamiflu is recommended by your doctor, then I would absolutely take it.

When we all had the flu last year our entire family was on Tamiflu and we were still out for a full week with fevers. Our coughs lingered for weeks thereafter. This year, we decided to skip Tamiflu and my daughter’s fever broke after a day and a half. In my heart, I do believe that our use of elderberry and vitamin d has made such a big difference.


Oscillo homeopathic flu medicine is also one of my go-tos during cold and flu season. We have all been taking it this week to help prevent the spread of the flu across our entire family. My kids love it and it is approved for ages 2 and up. Not to mention, it has saved us a lot of money we would have otherwise spent on Tamiflu for the five of us.

Whether you are a firm believer in the flu shot and Tamiflu or prefer natural remedies, do what is best for you and your family.

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