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Father's Day Gift Ideas

Here is my father’s day gift guide for the modern day dad. This guide is perfect for finding a unique gift for those active and on-the-go dads who love adventure, sports and the great outdoors. I know how hard it can be to find the perfect gift for your favorite dad, whether it is your own father or the father of your children.

I have found the perfect gift for any dad who loves playing sports, working out, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, scuba diving, hiking or hunting. Even if your favorite dad does not live an active lifestyle, this father’s day gift guide is also perfect for those dads with a hands-on job such as firefighting, health care, plumbing, or any job where you are washing your hands often, using gloves often or handling tools and equipment. All dads love getting down in the dirt sometimes, am I right?

I have become super into silicone rings, especially for life’s every day adventures. I do not have to worry about losing or damaging my wedding ring when I am wearing my Groove Life rings. I know my husband has the same concerns about his wedding ring and I have found that Groove Life silicone rings have solved all of our wedding ring problems without compromising doing what we love.

Groove Life has a line designed especially for men which includes the Edge ring, a modern take on a classic style. This is the one my husband has since he loves the color blue. The beveled grooves inside make it breathable yet comfortable. Since my husband works with many tools, paints and other chemicals for his job, this is the perfect ring for him. He loves the classic style that looks similar to his tungsten wedding band.

There is a style and color for every dad, including camo and patriotic designs. Groove Life offers bands that are thick or thin, without compromising comfort or breathability. Their medical grade silicone rings come in many sizes, are customizable and come with a lifetime “no BS” warranty.

Check out all of the rad silicone rings from Groove Life for the favorite dads in your life.

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