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UUNI 3 Pizza Oven Review

  1. Portable

When I first bought the UUNI 3 Pizza Oven by Ooni (previously known as Uuni) I was sold on its portability.  I’ve always loved wood-fired pizza, but a built-in wood fire oven can cost over $10,000.

Furthermore, a built-in oven is a permanent fixture of the home and can’t be broken down and stowed away like the UUNI 3.  As a tiny portable pizza oven, the UUNI 3 is so versatile.  You can bring the UUNI 3 anywhere.

The UUNI 3 portable wood-fired pizza oven is perfect for camping, tailgating, weekend BBQing, and even everyday use.  It packs up in minutes and I just store it in our shed.  With it’s fuel source being pellets, the UUNI 3 also is economical.

After a year of using the UUNI 3, I realized I originally bought enough pellets to last many years.  While I don’t use the UUNI pizza oven everyday, or every weekend, it has become more of a special occasion food for my family.

2. Great First Impression

My guests are always impressed when they see this little pizza oven pumping out gourmet wood fired pizzas, and quickly.  In fact, my kitchen helpers sometimes can’t keep up with the speed of the UUNI 3.

As the executive chef (of the house), I find that I’m often waiting on the pizzas to be rolled, sauced, and topped.  When the UUNI 3 is clocking in at over 600 degrees, these pizzas come out sizzling in two minutes tops.  So you have to be careful with your pizza at these temperatures, or you’ll find them a bit burned on the edges.  You must rotate them with a pizza peel throughout the cook time.

You’ll get lucky the first couple times you use the UUNI 3 and make perfect pizza.  That’ll be just enough to get your taste buds focused on the goal of getting good at using the UUNI 3.

3. Economical

I’ve had a lot of experience with large wood-fire pizza ovens, which really helps in navigating the UUNI 3.  With a large wood-fire pizza oven, you’ll need to learn how to work with hot coals.  But with the UUNI 3, you’ll need to learn how to use wood pellets and the pellet hopper.

There is a bit of a learning curve.  It took me a while to get it down to a science that I know how to control.  Lighting the UUNI 3 can be a chore depending on your weather, but I just bit the lazy bullet and bought a propane torch.  And now, after a year and many ruined pizzas, I can cook about 9/10 pizzas flawlessly.

4. Versatility

I haven’t tried cooking other items in the UUNI 3 other than pizza, but I’ve heard about them.  I just don’t have the patience to cook a roast, a loaf of bread, or anything else other than a pizza at this time.

Therefore, for me, the UUNI 3 is just meant for pizza.  Why?  It cooks them very fast.  Like I mentioned, my kitchen staff can’t keep up with the oven.  While that means I’m usually wasting wood pellets, it gives me a break in between cooking pizzas.  If I had an assembly line going I could crank out about 10 pizzas in 20 minutes.

5. Notable Issues With the UUNI 3

I’ve run into a few problems over the past year while using my UUNI 3.  These could all be my fault (user error).  Or they could point to maybe a design flaw or even just bad luck.  While in between cooking pizza in the UUNI 3, I often have to reload the pellet hopper.

When I add wood pellets, often times the oven will start smoking heavily.  I also notice the flame dies down a bit, if not disappears entirely.  If I try to do something about it, usually I start fanning under the burner.  When I do this, 9/10 times it will create a noticeable backdraft and shoot a little flame out the bottom of the burner.  Could it be the humid weather attributing to this phenomenon?

Other issues are that the pizza will seem to cook on top faster than underneath.  This problem, I know from experience, is that the fire had not become hot enough on the pizza stone before loading a pizza in.  I should have waited for a couple minutes for the flame to heat up the pizza stone in order to cook the bottom better.

My last issue with the UUNI 3 is that since it is so narrow, it makes turning the pizza very hard with a pizza peel.  Sometimes I need to pull the pizza out, and turn it, then put it back in, which can put a damper on the heat.

6. Reasons to Buy an UUNI 3

If you like woodfired pizza, and enjoy cooking outdoors this affordable portable pizza oven is for you.  UUNI 3 pizza tastes delicious!  Just like it would at an authentic Italian restaurant.  The pizza looks how it tastes!  Sizzling crispy pepperoni, hot bubbling mozzarella, and a crust that’s so perfectly browned around the edges.

My family loves the woodfired pizza that we make from our backyard.  It’s all about the effort of coming together as a family to create something from scratch that we can all share and love.

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This post contains affiliate links, which means I will make a commission at no extra cost to you should you click through and make a purchase.