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Do you need some Valentine’s day gift ideas for dads? Here are some unique ideas that may even be great for moms too!

  1. This all natural all-in-one body wash scented with masculine essential oils.

2. A Roku – for all his tv and streaming needs.

3. The Ring doorbell system – an affordable alternative to a full-house security camera system to meet your basic needs.

4. An Apple watch – who wouldn’t want one?!?

5. This awesome book for the ultimate traveling dad!

6. An emergency survival kit. Because if your family doesn’t have one already, this is a must-have item that makes a great gift when you can’t think of what to buy him.

7. This breakfast sandwich maker. Dads need a great breakfast to start the day, but what mamas have time for that?

8. This awesome ship in a bottle Lego set. Because dads will always be kids at heart!

9. The OONI 3 portable pizza oven for making your own authentic wood-fired pizzas right at home. A bit pricey for a Valentine’s Day gift, but definitely one to keep it mind for holidays and birthdays to come.

10. This beard kit – for the ultimate hipster dad!

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