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Vegan & Allergy Friendly Easter Egg Decorating

Decorating Easter eggs and participating in all of the fun festivities of the season can be difficult for families with allergies or dietary needs. Luckily, there are some amazing options for Easter egg decorating when it comes to finding vegan and allergy friendly products. Here are some ideas for vegan and allergy friendly Easter egg decorating.

What if I told you it was possible to participate in Easter egg decorating if your child is vegan or has allergies to eggs or dyes? Not only are these options great for allergy friendly families, it is perfect for anyone who is looking for healthier and more natural alternatives to Easter egg decorating without having to be excluded from participating in these activities.

When I started making my own play dough, I was looking for plant-based food coloring that was safe and healthy for my kids to handle with their precious little hands and growing bodies. I found this vegan friendly, kosher friendly, plant-based food coloring set I love to use for not only homemade play dough and egg decorating, but for all of my baking needs! I know our kids love those colorful birthday cakes right?

Egg-celent Alternatives

Here are some egg-celent alternatives to real chicken eggs that can be dyed and decorated for Easter. I am not a vegan (I tried for a month) but I still love the idea of these fake eggs because you can keep them for years to come, gift them, or use them to decorate for holidays and parties.

Eggnots – Dyeable ceramic eggs

Wooden Eggs

Plant-Based Food Coloring

I hope these ideas inspire you to participate in family traditions, holiday parties and Easter celebrations without compromising your dietary or allergy needs. Let the kids have fun and not feel guilty about it!

Even if you are like me and trying to find some natural alternatives to synthetic dyes, I know you will love the plant-based dyes as much as I do!

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