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Detox Cinnamon Lemon Water

Cinnamon lemon water is detoxifying and great for your metabolism and immune system!

I already loved adding lemon to my water because it is not only refreshing and tasty, but healthy and full of amazing benefits.

Well, I had tons of cinnamon sticks I wanted to put to use and came across a recipe for cinnamon water. Like lemon, cinnamon has tons of health-benefittng properties that help detox the body, curb appetite and boost metabolism.

What you need to make homemade cinnamon water:


  1. Add the cinnamon sticks and lemon to the pitcher and let it infuse. Change it out one per day.
  2. I found that this cinnamon lemon water was delicious and refreshing! I even felt energized after drinking it throughout the day.

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Detoxifying cinnamon lemon water is the perfect detox water to control metabolism and flush out toxins.