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Pineapple Ginger Lemonade Popsicles

This recipe is simple, easy, healthy and perfect for summer! Even better – it only takes 5 minutes to make. These pineapple ginger lemonade popsicles are the perfect healthy summer treat for cooling off during hot summer days.

There are times when I am feeling lazy and want to whip up some popsicles real fast and I will freeze some lavender lemonade if I already have some made in the fridge. You can add any juices or ingredients you’d like to the popsicles molds to make a variety of flavors. Any fresh squeezed juice or fruit beats the store-bought popsicles filled with artificial ingredients.

My kids love making these popsicles with me which makes it a fun family activity. We pick lemons right from our yard to use in this recipe.

Pineapple Ginger Lemonade Popsicles

  • Makes approximately 8 popsicles

You will need popsicles molds. We love these popsicles molds!


  • 12 ounces of fresh chopped pineapple
  • ½ cup fresh lemon juice
  • ½ cup filtered water
  • ¼ cup organic raw honey
  • ½-inch piece fresh ginger, peeled and finely grated
  • Splash of organic ginger juice


Blend all ingredients together in a blender until smooth. Transfer the mixture to popsicle molds and freeze.

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