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Trim Healthy Mama

Trim Healthy Mama

photo credit: Trim Healthy Mama

Have you tried various diets and find that nothing is working? Well, I am here to introduce Trim Healthy Mama where “counting calories is out. All food groups are in.” The creators are two mamas who have tried all of those fad diets. They created Trim Healthy Mama to help people of all ages and stages (even pregnant and nursing women) get healthy and slim down.

Before trying Trim Healthy Mama, my immediate concern was the fact that I am pregnant, so “dieting” and “weigh loss” are out of the picture for me. I then learned that many mamas, including one of the creators, used Trim Healthy Mama throughout pregnancy to keep healthy. I am all for staying healthy!!

Here is something directly from the Trim Healthy Mama website:
“Trim Healthy Mama can meet the nutritional needs of both pregnant and nursing women and their babies. Each mama can tweak the plan to suit her own needs and those of their growing baby. Serene, (the co-author of the book) completed two healthy pregnancies eating the Trim Healthy Mama way and nourished both babies with an abundant supply of milk.”

These books came at the perfect time because my husband has been wanting to diet and lose weight and I am always wanting to stay healthy. We also have a toddler who can be a picky eater, but we try to get in the various food groups when we can. When I first opened the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook, I was amazed! There are over 350 yummy yet healthy recipes from crock pot recipes to desserts (including chocolate), beverages and snacks. Not only that, but many of the recipes call for many ingredients I already have in my kitchen. Easy right?

Trim Healthy Mama Plan focuses on protein, eliminating added sugars and fueling the body every 3-4 hours. My husband was stoked about this because he wanted to incorporate Trim Healthy Mama into his “bean diet”. As for me…meat has sounded the least appetizing throughout my pregnancy so far, but I am all for other protein-rich foods. It is also recommended to eat several smaller meals during pregnancy so this is a win win for me! What I love about Trim Healthy Mama is that it can be enjoyed by anyone (even vegetarians and vegans) if you make a few adjustments to your needs.

Tonight, I made the Trim Healthy Mama taco salad. I omitted the ground meat and instead added extra black beans. I also used butter lettuce and spinach instead of romaine since that is what I had in my fridge already. I  added the spices last before mixing the salad. I topped it with salsa and I was surprised how it made the perfect “dressing”! Here are a few photos of our taco salad night:

Taco Salad 1Taco Salad 2Taco Salad 3








Next, I made the chocolate monkey crepes for breakfast and they were a huge hit! These chocolate monkey crepes are basically gluten-free crepes filled with banana, strawberry (optional), greek yogurt and chocolate…YUM! And that’s not it…it’s topped with more banana, strawberry, chocolate and whipped cream! Talk about a delicious breakfast! I used garbanzo-bean flour to meet the needs of my husband’s bean diet and it actually made a great crepe! Usually, garbanzo-bean flour is favored among savory crepe recipes, but it went well with this sweet crepe. Here are the photos of these yummy and easy crepes:

Crepes 1Crepes 2








You can learn more about the Trim Healthy Mama Plan HERE. Click on their “like us on Facebook” tab also!

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