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Did you know that 91% of Americans are deficient in omega-3s? This includes moms, dads and children alike! Moms – we all know we are the ones who often take charge when it comes to our family’s health, right? Well look no further, we know about the best omega-3s for ALL of your family members (including your family pet).

Not only are omega-3s important to our health, but omega-3 deficiency is completely preventable. Omega-3s contains EPA and DHA, both essential fatty acids that come from fish oil. Unfortunately, omega-3s cannot be produced by the body, which is why a healthy diet and supplementation is necessary.

Studies show that omega-3s are great for our health and help support:

* Normal cardiovascular and brain function
* Mood
* Healthy joints, skin and eyes
* Immune health
* Nervous system function
* A healthy pregnancy (I was advised by my doctor to take it during both of my pregnancies and while breastfeeding, although many doctors still do not educate their patients on the importance of omega-3s)
Please check out my post on The Importance of Omega-3s During Pregnancy
* Proper brain, eye, and nervous system development in young children
* Cellular health
* Healthy skin and coat for pets

What is a mama to do? I turn to Nordic Naturals, the #1 fish oil company in the US (and for very good reasons). Their goal is to eliminate omega-3 deficiency worldwide and help people of all ages live a healthy life through their Taste Pure Love campaign. What is Taste Pure Love? With extremely high standards for the production of their products, TASTE is one reason Nordic Naturals separates itself from other fish oils. Quality fish oil supplements should not taste fishy. Nordic Naturals products are always fresh, so you don’t have to worry about that fishy taste in your mouth. Products that are PURE is also what makes Nordic Naturals set the bar for fish oil supplements. They source their products from “boat to bottle” and always use sustainable, wild-caught fish. They also put LOVE into all of their products because they care about the health of your family. You will taste pure love when you take Nordic Naturals!

All Natural & Good has teamed up with Nordic Naturals to help you and your family taste pure love this Mother’s Day! We are offering an amazing giveaway that includes:
* A swag bag
* A bottle of Complete Omega Xtra (for Mom)
Complete Omega Xtra







* A bottle of Ultimate Omega 2X (for Dad)
Ultimate Omega 2X







* A bottle of Children’s DHA (for the kids)
Children's DHA







* A bottle of Probiotic Gummies KIDS
Probiotic Gummies KIDS







* A bottle of Vitamin D3 Gummies KIDS
VItamin D3 Gummies KIDS







* A bottle of Baby’s DHA (for baby)
Baby's DHA







* A 2 ounce bottle of Omega-3 Pet (for the family pet)
Omega 3 Pet







* The book The Complete Mediterranean Diet by Dr. Michael Ozner to help you and your family stay on track with a healthy diet and lower your risk of heart disease.
The Complete Mediterranean Diet







Giveaway Requirements:
One lucky winner (USA only) will be chosen on June 6th, 2016. To enter the giveaway, please visit our Facebook Page and like, share AND comment on the Taste Pure Love Mother’s Day post (posted on May 8th, 2016). The deadline to enter is June 5th, 2016. The winner will be chosen on June 6th, 2016.

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Here are my reviews of the above products:

1. Complete Omega Xtra

These omegas are high-potency and contain omegas 3, 6 and 9! Wow! These offer cardiovascular, brain, skin, joint, immune system and mood support. As a nursing mom, I take my omegas daily with my prenatal vitamin. And like all Nordic Naturals fish oil supplements, there is no fishy taste! These are easy to swallow too.

2. Ultimate Omega 2X

These contain the highest concentration triglyceride form omega-3. These gel capsules are a little bigger because they contain 1000 mg of DHA and EPA. What is great is that although the serving size is 2 gel caps (2000 mg), you can take 1 or 2 gel caps depending on your needs. Best of all, no fishy taste!

3. Children’s DHA

My son isn’t quite old enough for these yet, but thanks to the long shelf life, I will be keeping these in a safe place for later. These are made from 100% wild Arctic cod. These omegas support healthy brain development, cognitive development and immune function. They are strawberry flavored and can be chewed or swallowed, which is great for those kiddos who haven’t mastered swallowing vitamins and supplements quite yet.

4. Probiotic Gummies Kids

Probiotic Gummies KIDS

My son has taken probiotics since birth! I love these because what kid doesn’t enjoy gummy supplements??? I can trick my toddler into thinking these are candy and use it as a reward. Win win! They are berry flavored and no refrigeration is needed. These probiotics contain 1.5 billion live cultures essential for digestive and immune system support in growing children. The only downside to these in my opinion is that they do not contain enough live cells compared to what my son normally takes (20 billion).

5. Vitamin D3 Gummies Kids

VItamin D3 Gummies KIDS

My son has also taken vitamin d3 since birth, so these gummies are perfect for kids! Again, a win win for us! Each gummy contains 400 units, so I usually give my son 2-3 daily since his doctor recommends he gets 1000 units per day. These are watermelon flavored too! Vitamin d supports healthy bones and muscles, the immune system and nervous system.

6. Baby’s DHA

Since I have a newborn, I am loving this baby’s DHA! Not only does it contain DHA, but 300 units of vitamin d per serving! I wish it contained more vitamin d (my daughter’s doctor recommends 400 units per day) so that an extra vitamin d supplement wouldn’t be needed. This DHA is the official baby’s omega-3 of the American Pregnancy Association. DHA is important for a healthy brain, eyes, and nervous system. The dropper makes it easy to measure out the proper amount (by baby’s weight). I add it to my baby’s gripe water that she takes at night.

7. Omega-3 Pet

Although I do not have a family pet to use this on, I am excited to tell my followers, friends and family about this supplement! It is an excellent source of DHA and EPA to support a pet’s health. It comes from wild anchovies and sardines. It supports the skin, coat, joints, immune system, heart, brain, and eyes of your pet.

8. The Complete Mediterranean Diet by Dr. Michael Ozner

I was very excited to receive this book! We are big time cooks and health fanatics in my household and we are always looking for new ways to stay healthy. We love Mediterranean food and trying out new recipes like these. This book features 500 delicious yet healthy Mediterranean recipes that the whole family can enjoy! The recipes are easy to follow and offer a variety of options so that Mediterranean meals never get boring. This book talks about how you can lose weight and lower your risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other common health problems many Americans face.

*I received these products for free in exchange for my honest review

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