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Cooking With Essential Oils

Cooking With Essential Oils - All Natural & Good

One great way to benefit from essential oils is to cook with them! Please be aware, I am only taking about Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils as they are ingestible, whereas other brands may be of a different grade (like perfume or cosmetic grade). Adding a drop of essential oils to your food carries many health benefits and flavor.

When I first started ingesting my Young Living essential oils, I added them to my tea or water.My newest drink of choice is Slique Essence in my water everyday for weight management. I am loving the results so far!

Then while planning my son’s carnival themed birthday party, I decided to make lavender lemonade which was a hit!! Even the kids loved it! Now, instead of using dried herbs and spices while cooking, I use a drop of essential oils.

Great oils to use for cooking include – oregano, black pepper, basil, nutmeg and more!

*Please Note* I am only talking about Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils. I am not a doctor! I cannot diagnose, treat or cure.

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