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Cozitot Baby Sling Carrier Review

Baby Carrier

photo credit: Cozitot

This Cozitot baby sling carrier is a mei tei style carrier that can be worn in the front or back facing position.

I think the quality of this baby carrier is definitely reflected in the price. If you are looking for something on the cheaper side, this works great, but don’t expect it to be the BEST baby sling carrier. I still use a baby carrier for my 20 month old son who is 24 pounds (back position).

I tried it on both positions and the directions lacked detail for the back position. I wasn’t really sure where the ties were supposed to go. It was pretty easy to figure out in the front position. I feel this carrier doesn’t have a lot of support, especially for older infants. I can see this being suitable for newborns until they start feeling heavy to carry around.

I do like the design (as pictured) and that it is black. It is very gender-neutral and matches well with everything. I own a knockoff ergo carrier that cost about the same as this one and it is much better!

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