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Diffusing Essential Oils in the Nursery

Diffusing essential oils in the nursery is a great way to safely use essential oils around your precious little one.

An Essential Oil Diffuser releases essential oils into the air by breaking them down into millions of micro-particles. The diffuser produces a mist to preserve the delicate compounds of the essential oils.

I use my diffusers everyday…in my four year old’s room, in my baby’s nursery, in my room, in the living room, kitchen, car, you name it!

Diffusing essential oils is a safe way to start using essential oils and exposing them to your children and pets. Start out with 1-2 drops and add more as you feel comfortable.

Here are some benefits of diffusing essential oils:

1. Helps alleviate occasional nervous irritability.
2. To refresh the body and mind.
3. Promotes emotional well-being.
4. Alleviates the occasional blue feeling that everyone experiences from time to time.
5. Encourages proper nasal function.
6. Provides nervous system support during times of stress.
7. Promotes restful sleep.
8. For occasional sleeplessness.
9. For mild mood changes.
10. Occasional nervous tension.
11. For nervousness due to common, everyday overwork and fatigue.
12. Promotes a relaxed feeling.
13. Calming and relaxing.
14. Gently soothes away tension.
15. To resolve irritability that ruins your day.
16. Helps you work relaxed.
17. To freshen the air.
18. For a peaceful aroma.
19. To promote normal mood.
20. Supports the body systems – limbic system, respiratory system, etc.

The main reasons I diffuse in the nursery include:

1. To promote a restful sleep.
2. To cleanse the air and eliminate odors (diaper pail stink, yuck!)
3. To wind down before bedtime.
4. To calm emotions and quiet troubled little ones.
5. To support emotional health and the limbic system.
6. To support the respiratory and immune system.

I must CAUTION you when it comes to using essential oils on or around children – Quality matters! Do your research and find an essential oil company you trust. I have been using essential oils for 10 years. Check out my thoughts on quality essential oils here.

Things to look for include:

1. The grade of essential oils (there are a ton out there including perfume, cosmetic, therapeutic grade, etc.). Make sure it is an essential oil safe for aromatic use.

2. Are they for topical or aromatherapy use only?

Topical use only and perfume oils are not going to provide the same benefits listed above.

3. Where do the oils come from?

Most companies get their oils from third-party distributors or farms, which means they have no control over how the oils are produced.

4. How are the essential oils made? Are they distilled using chemical solvents? Are the plants grown organically?

Unfortunately, many company’s oils contain traces of chemicals, whether they are pesticides, chemical solvents or additives.

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