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Remove Grease Spots with Lemon Essential Oil

You can remove grease spots with lemon essential oil. After all, there is an essential oil for everything right? Removing grease spots can sometimes be impossible. Don’t you hate ruining a brand new top or your most expensive outfit with a dreaded grease spot?? It happened to me all the time!

You would think that oil wouldn’t remove oil but I am telling you now that I am able to remove grease spots with lemon oil! It has been my go to oil for removing any kind of grease, grime and goo and it really works.

I’ve even used it to make my own homemade copy cat goo gone.

Remove grease spots with lemon essential oil:

Just dab a drop of lemon essential oils directly onto the grease spot. Use more for bigger spots and stains. I just rub in it and then run it through the wash as normal.

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