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Essential Oils for Female Hormone Health

Essential oils for female hormonal health is a natural way to support the endocrine system. I was amazed to find out that I am not alone when it comes to hormonal imbalance. There are MANY women out there who can relate.

Particularly, having low progesterone is something that many women of all ages suffer from. Most women are actually deficient in progesterone and do not even know it. So it is believed that all women can benefit from added progesterone.

When I found that synthetic forms of progesterone were not working for me (or causing more problems to “fix” the others), I thought I would try something natural. I had nothing to lose!

In my newfound journey using essential oils to better my health, I came across Progessence Plus Serum – a blend of essential oils and naturally occurring progesterone in the form of wild yam.

Now, let me tell you more about it and what makes it better than other progesterone pills and creams out there.

Progessence Plus is a pure serum which includes vitamin e, wild yam, coconut oil and a blend of amazing essential oils such as frankincense and peppermint. It is specifically designed for women who need endocrine system and hormonal health support.

The wild yam naturally replenishes the body with progesterone while the powerful essential oils aid in smoothing fine lines, keeping your skin healthy and youthful.

What makes this serum different than other progesterone pills and creams?

Well, first off, it is all natural! There are no synthetic ingredients like you may find in progesterone pills and creams. It also gets absorbed into the bloodstream quicker. It is applied directly onto the cartaroid artery for effective absorption in the blood stream, while creams are often applied on fatty tissue.

Progessence plus also does not require cycling, so you can use it every day or as needed!

My story using Progessence Plus:

In my journey to find a natural way to balance my progesterone levels and support my endocrine system and hormonal health as a new mom, I found Young Living and Progessence Plus Serum.

I decided to start out by applying 1 drop nightly to my cartaroid artery (this is the large artery that lies on the sides of the neck below the ears). From night one I could notice the difference because I slept so well. Some women prefer to use it in the morning, but I found it makes me drowsy, so using it at nighttime helped me sleep better. As my body got used to it, I worked my way up to 2 drops per night.

Then, I added 1 drop on my forearms and 1 drop over my ovaries for extra support. I used it daily until I conceived my second child (about 6 weeks).

I just began using it again at 6 months postpartum since I’ve noticed my hormones are becoming a little out of whack again. I have had no trouble using it while breastfeeding, but please talk to your doctor about any forms of progesterone you plan to use.

Essential oils for female hormonal health can be beneficial in more ways than one. Always talk to your doctor about your health and finding the best treatment for you, whether natural or not. 

*Caution* Progessence Plus should not be used in combination with contraceptives.

Prop 65 Warning: “We appreciate your concern regarding California’s Proposition 65 warnings, which are legally required to be on our Progessence Plus. Proposition 65 requires that products sold in California that carry any ingredients deemed to the California legislature to be hazardous to health must carry the warning you see on our label.

In the case of Progessence Plus, California requires the warning on all progesterone-containing products. However, California law does not distinguish between the synthetic medroxyprogesterone, which is the cause of California’s concern, and the natural progesterone we derive from yams and is used widely in the health industry. Both are generically referred to as “progesterone,” which is the ingredient name on California’s list. If you would like further information on this topic, we recommend you contact your health professional.” -Young Living

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