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Homemade Face Serum

Instead of spending money on expensive anti-aging creams (which are filled with tons of chemicals and chemical fragrance), make your own DIY face serum using all natural ingredients!

With this recipe, you are looking at spending less than $20/year! Buying the ingredients upfront will pay off in the end when you can make many bottles of face serums or use the ingredients for other DIY beauty projects.

This DIY face serum promotes great skin health and may slow signs of aging.

To make your own face serum you will need:

  1. A glass dropper bottle (ortry reusing an old essential oil bottle)
  2. 1 ounce of liquid carrier oil (like almond, avocado, olive, etc)
  3. 1 drop of lavender essential oil
  4. 1 drop of frankincense essential oil
  5. 2 drops of joy essential oil
  6. 2 drops of gathering essential oil

Add all of the essential oils and carrier oil to the bottle and lightly shake.

How to use your face serum:

  1. Cleanse the face – try using a homemade facial toner
  2. Rub 1-2 drops of this face serum onto your face, focusing on problem areas
  • Keep in mind that a little goes a long way! This will save you money in the long run, plus it is all natural!

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