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Homemade Spaghetti From Scratch

Homemade spaghetti from scratch is unlike any other pasta you will ever eat! It is pretty easy to make, with the right equipment. It tastes so fresh and leftovers last for days. The best thing about the leftovers is that it tastes just as good as the first day.

The most important part of this recipe is having a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer with the Pasta Attachment.


  1. 3.5 cups organic flour
  2. 5 organic eggs, beat
  3. Approximately 1/4 cup water
  4. Pinch of Himalayan pink salt


  1. Attach the flat beater to your stand mixer.
  2. Add the flour and salt and set to speed 2.
  3. Begin adding the eggs slowly.
  4. Add up to 1/4 cup water slowly, as needed to bind the dough.
  5. Beat for about 2 minutes, until the dough binds together.
  6. Switch to the dough hook on your stand mixer and mix for about 2 minutes or until the dough becomes a firm ball.
  7. If it has a hard time forming into a firm ball, you may need to take the dough out of the mixer and knead it by hand and then try again.
  8. Cover the dough ball with a wet cloth and let it sit on the counter for 30 minutes.
  9. Uncover the dough and separate into 5 equal pieces.
  10. Roll out the 5 pieces of dough so they look like long sheets.
  11. Add the pasta attachment to your stand mixer and set it to 1.
  12. Roll the sheets of dough through the pasta attachment on setting 1. You may need to put it through more than once. You want the sheets to become elastic and soft.
  13. Next, set your pasta attachment to 2 and roll the sheets of dough through it one time each of setting 2.
  14. You will repeat step 13 but with setting 3.
  15. Repeat step 13 but with setting 4. At this rate, you will have rolled out your dough through the pasta attachment on setting 1, 2, 3, and 4. Cut the rolled out dough pieces into sections if they are too long.
  16. Boil a big pot of water. I like using my big dutch oven.
  17. Attach the pasta cutting attachment that came with your pasta attachment set. Cut each sheet of dough using the spaghetti cutter. Make sure the dough sheets are coated with flour so that are not sticky.
  18. Boil the spaghetti for 2 minutes in salted water, stirring constantly to prevent sticking.
  19. Drain the spaghetti then rinse with cold water.

Enjoy your pasta with some homemade ragu!

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