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Halloween Spider Web Craft

How cute is this Halloween spider web craft? As I was trying to throw something together for a fun toddler craft, I took a trip to my local dollar store to browse the holiday craft supplies.

These spider webs are really easy and fun to make and are perfect for Halloween! The kids can decorate them however they’d like using Halloween stickers, monster eyeballs, spider rings and creepy cloth. All you need are some plain white paper plates as the base of the web.

If you can’t make it to the store, these materials are conveniently offered on Amazon as listed below.

Spider Web Halloween Craft

Halloween spider web craft materials:

  1. White Paper Plates
  2. Creepy Cloth
  3. Monster Eyeballs
  4. Halloween Stickers
  5. Spider Rings
  6. Glue
  7. Stapler

To make Halloween spider webs:

  1. Cut out some creepy cloth that is about the size of the paper plate, with a little bit extra for stapling around the back of the plate.
  2. Staple the cloth around the plate so it stays in place.
  3. Add spider rings, stickers, eyeballs or any other Halloween craft supplies you have handy.

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I have some great idea for the leftover supplies too!

  • You can add them to your Halloween candy basket for trick-o-treaters. The spider rings are always a hit.
  • The creepy cloth and spider rings can also be used as decoration around the house to create spider webs on the walls and doorways.
  • The monster eyes can be used to create Halloween ghosts or other crafts, even if it isn’t holiday-related.
  • The stickers are always fun and can be used to keep the kids busy on the go.
  • Paper plates, glue and staples should always be handy for crafting!

What are your favorite Halloween crafts?

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