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Make Your Own Pizza Night With OONI Pizza Ovens

If you aren’t familiar with the OONI wood-fired pizza oven, it is a portable pizza oven that is both affordable and saves on space! This OONI pizza oven recipe works perfectly in our OONI ovens.

We absolutely love our OONI pizza ovens and it is a great way to entertain guests by having a make-your-own-pizza dinner party or as a summer backyard barbecue staple.

Please note: I am not a chef, I am not a professional pizza maker and I do not own a pizza restaurant. What I do love is making pizza and I feel like the OONI pizza ovens make it easy for our family to do that. Make your own pizza family night is a regular at our house and our kids love it.

I love the pizzas that come out of my OONI pizza ovens. I use the OONI accessories as recommended by OONI.

Here is a recipe for making your very own homemade wood-fired pizza in the OONI Pro pizza oven.

For wood-fired pizza, you are going to need a special pizza dough recipe.  You wouldn’t want to use just any pizza dough recipe since this is going to have to go into a high heat oven.  The trick to wood-fired pizza is using the right pizza dough.

Homemade Pizza Using the OONI Pizza Oven

OONI Pizza Dough Recipe: Makes about seven to eight personal sized pizzas.

  1. 4 cups 00 flour:  Antimo Caputo Pizzeria Flour
  2. 1 1/3 cup room temperature tap water
  3. 1 packet Rapid Rise Yeast: Fleishmann’s RapidRise Yeast
  4. 1 tsp sugar
  5. 1 tsp salt


  1. Empty yeast packet into warm tap water.  Place sugar in water.  Gently whisk with a spoon (or your finger).  Let proof for 5 minutes.  You know the mixture has proofed when it starts to froth at the surface.
  2. In a medium sized bowl place flour.  Create a fontana (a volcano-like hole in the center of the flour).  Pour proofed yeast mixture into the hole of the fontana.  Gently circle your finger around the rim of the fontana, mixing slightly more and more flour into the water mixture. 
  3. Eventually, all the flour should be mixed into the center until you have a ball of dough.  If it’s slightly wet add just a dusting of a little flour until it isn’t so sticky.  If the ball of dough is a little dry, add a little bit of warm water to keep it just moist.
  4. Line a larger bowl with a bit of olive oil, and place dough ball inside.  Drizzle olive oil on top of the dough ball and then cover with a damp kitchen cloth.  Let it rise until the dough has doubled in size.

Instructions for Cooking a Pizza in the OONI Pro Pizza Oven:

  1.  Roll out pizza dough as thin as possible.  For the OONI pizza oven, remember “Thin to Win”.  This will ensure that the pizza dough cooks evenly along with your ingredients.  The last thing you want is doughy pizza.  You want a nice consistent crust.  It doesn’t have to be as thin as a cracker but try to get it as thin as possible.
  2. Place a generous amount of flour (or cornmeal if you have it) on your pizza peel.  This ensures that your pizza will slide off onto the pizza stone.  You don’t want to have your pizza dough stick to the peel or it could ruin the pizza.
  3. Place the thinly rolled out dough on the floured pizza peel.  Top with a spoonful or two of your favorite tomato or pizza sauce, and spread thin on surface of the dough.  Remember to go easy on the sauce.  The more sauce, the less cooked your dough will be on the surface.
  4. Place all the toppings of your choice on top including shredded mozzarella cheese (or your favorite cheese for pizza). It is best to use toppings sparingly.  A little will go a long way!
  5. Make sure your OONI Pizza Oven is blazing hot, reading above 600 degrees.  Transfer the pizza into the hot oven and on top of the pizza stone, and close the lid.  Let it cook for a quick minute.  Looking at the chimney, you should see white to grey colored smoke.  This means it’s cooking well.  If you start to see black smoke, open the oven lid immediately and pull the pizza out to make sure nothing is burning.
  6. After about a minute of cooking, pull the pizza out and turn it 180 degrees to cook the other side.  If you get good using the pizza peel, you may be able to turn it while the pizza is sitting on top of the pizza stone.
  7. You’ll know when the pizza is done.  The cheese will be slightly browned.  The outer pizza crust will be mildly blackened.  The toppings will be sizzling.  Your mouth will be watering.

If you are interested in learning more about the OONI Pro pizza oven, check out our article about HOW TO USE THE OONI PIZZA OVEN. (Please note, the OONI pizza oven was formerly called the UUNI pizza oven.)

The OONI Pro Pizza Oven makes the perfect gift! Purchase yours here!

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