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Top Five Benefits of Canning

This post was inspired by one of our Facebook followers who suggested the topic on the Top Five Benefits of Canning.  Of course there are many reasons why canning has been around for centuries, but let’s just cut to the chase and explain the Top Five Benefits of Canning to those who may not know!

1) Assuming storage periods are greater than 30 days, canning food is cheaper than freezing food.  Although freezing food is a great way to store food for a long time, freezing food costs more than canning, the electricity to run your freezer.

2) Canning food allows us to take advantage of the cost cutting savings with the “buying when it’s cheap” and “eat it when it’s not” philosophy.  Buying fruits and vegetables during clearances and sales is a great time to be canning, but don’t let cost be the judge of when to buy!  Buying in season from local farmers markets means you’re getting the healthiest produce out there.  Never sacrifice your health for cost.

3) Canning food means you know what goes into it.  Store bought canned food may be loaded with preservatives, tons of salt which is bad for your blood pressure, and things you may be allergic to!  By canning your own food, you control what goes into it so you can live healthier.  Canning food at home also means its whole food and not processed.

4) Canning food helps save our environment.  You can reuse your mason jars forever, instead of contributing to the problem of discarding food packaging from the stores.

5) Homemade canned food just tastes better because it tastes REAL!

Use a canning kit like this one to help you get started on canning!

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