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My Favorite Organic Non Toxic Cooker
My Favorite Organic Non Toxic Cooker

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Look no further than my favorite organic non-toxic cooker. With the holidays upon us and a new year quickly approaching, have you thought about the NEW YOU? Maybe eating healthier or eating out less often is one of your New Years resolutions?

Healthy & Organic

I know we all think about being healthy and eating organic. Our family eats organic as much as we possibly can! Maybe you do as well, but what are those healthy, organic dishes good for when we cook them in toxic cookware?

There are so many chemicals that leach into our food when we cook them in cookware coated with chemicals, or cookware containing lead, aluminum or other harmful materials.


I am all about non-toxic cookware and my current obsession is the VitaClay! The VitaClay organic multi-cooker is a clay pot that is free of lead, aluminum and chemical coatings. It is a multi-use cooker that can steam, slow cook, quick slow cook and even make yogurt! It is perfect for making stews, soups and other healthy, hearty meals.

The VitaClay is designed to:

  1. Preserve the nutrients and flavors that are often lost with traditional cooking methods.
  2. Enhance flavors that are often lost when using metal slow cookers and multi-cookers.
  3. Be convenient, easy to use and clean.
  4. Be multi-functional so there is no need for multiple pieces of cooking equipment or mess.

One thing I love about my VitaClay is how large the clay pot is, being a stock pot as well as a multi-cooker. It hold everything I need to cook a big, healthy meal for my family of five with plenty of leftovers.

VitaClay has been recognized as one of the best cookers by many magazines and is loved by its users all over the internet! Start your holidays off right with the perfect holiday gift or to start your healthy New Years resolutions.

Use code ALLNATURALANDGOOD10 for 10% off your VitaClay!

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