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DIY Natural Roach Killer

DIY natural roach killer is the best, especially when you have kids or pets around. I have three young kids, so there’s no way I want toxic chemicals around my house. This DIY natural roach killer recipe really works! It has even worked for all kinds of other household pests too!

By no means do I want my kids eating this stuff, but it is much safer than spraying chemical pesticides in and around our home. This powder can be a little messy but can be easily vacuumed up once your pest problem is resolved.

I have had a lot of success with this roach killer to get rid of ants and other pests too!

No joke, one time there was a roach in my laundry basket and in a panic I didn’t have time to whip out my roach killer so I just grabbed my bottle of peppermint oil. I dropped some undiluted peppermint oil on the sucker, he flipped out and started running around for a few seconds and then literally dropped dead. It was so cool but also quite frightening. But you guys, this really works!

This DIY natural roach killer recipe is so simple, with only three natural ingredients you might already have at home.

DIY Natural Roach Killer

What you need:

  1. 2 parts Borax
  2. 1 part Powdered Sugar
  3. a few drops or more (I like mine strong) of Peppermint Essential Oil


Just mix it all up and sprinkle it around the areas you are having roach problems. I like to sprinkle mine around windows, doorways and in corners in my bathrooms and kitchen.

Once your roach problem is resolved, vacuum up the excess powder and replenish as needed. I keep the rest handy in a mason jar and store it in my cabinet.

And like I mentioned before, you can use peppermint oil by itself or you can dilute it with water and add to a spray bottle to use on direct contact. It really works!

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