All Natural Remedies That Really Work!

All natural remedies used to be all there ever was…and although many people take advantage of our access to modern medicine, there are still many people out there, like me, who prefer natural remedies. This post is all about what I actually use whenever I need some immune support! I try to avoid synthetic medicines at all costs! Have you read up on all of the side effects? Not only are these remedies great for the body, but they actually work! Over the counter medicines just mask symptoms temporarily, whereas natural┬áremedies actually make you get better, faster! Whenever I am sick, my symptoms are minimal and I am usually 100% better within 2 days!!

As soon as I start feeling like I am getting sick, I drink 10ml of this elderberry syrup twice daily. I first heard about elderberry syrup as recommended by my kid’s pediatrician. She says it’s more effective at treating the flu than Tamiflu. And if you may be wondering, my kids drink it too! I half the dosage for them. This brand is the most potent and is the best bang for your buck:

Or, I take “shots” of this apple cider vinegar throughout the day. You can also mix it with water or in a smoothie if you can’t handle the strong taste:

I also swear by this homeopathic medicine made from an African root. It has yet to fail me! The reviews speak for itself:

Tea! Drinking tea can work wonders for the body. Try to find an organic herbal tea like Chamomile or Roobois and add raw honey:

This homemade chicken noodle soup helps my whole family!

Essential oils are great for supporting the body. My go to for immune support is Thieves! I love to rub it on the bottoms of my feet with a carrier oil a few times a day.

And don’t forget to drink plenty of water!

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