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Probiotic S'mores Recipe

This probiotic s’mores recipe is too good! Who knew s’mores could be both tasty and great for your gut? It wasn’t until I was introduced to probiotic chocolate that is OHSO delicious when I knew I had to create a recipe with it!

When we bought a fire pit for our backyard, I knew I wanted to enjoy some good ‘ole campfire eats and treats with my family. I love sweets, I love dessert, but I hate the tummy upset I often get after I indulge.

I have the perfect solution to this problem: Probiotic S’mores!

Here is my OHSO delicious probiotic s’mores recipe:

What you need:

  • Graham Crackers
  • Marshmallows
  • Probiotic Chocolate Bars
  • Any other ingredients that you choose – bananas, bacon, strawberries, nutella, etc.

Enjoy by the campfire while benefiting from probiotics!

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This probiotic s\'mores recipe is too good! Who knew s\'mores could be both tasty and great for your gut? Enjoy this favorite campfire recipe while benefiting from probiotics!