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OHSO Probiotic Chocolate Review


photo credit: Solgar

When was the last time you craved a probiotic? (When it was wrapped in delicious Belgian chocolate)

I have taken probiotics every day for years!…As well as my 2 year old son who has taken them since birth. I usually get my probiotics in capsule form, but this version of probiotics is the best yet! I can satisfy my daily chocolate cravings GUILT-FREE by eating these OHSO probiotic chocolates. I also give them to my son as a “treat” which is a win win for us both! They are made with real Belgian chocolate and contain around one billion live cultures. They deliver these live cultures to the digestive system 3x more effectively than other dairy products. With only 70 calories per bar, these are the ultimate treat for both your mouth and digestive system. They are also non-GMO, gluten and nut free. They are available in classic chocolate and orange flavor. Best of all, no refrigeration is needed! I might also add that I gave out these chocolates for Christmas and they were all begging for more!!

You can purchase the classic chocolate flavor here:

“An OHSO delicious way to take your probiotics…every day!”

*I received these products for free in exchange for my honest review.

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