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Natural Outdoor Spray for Bugs

Who loves the good ole outdoors? I do! Especially during summertime. What I don’t like though, are the outdoor annoyances like the garden pests and bugs. You can enjoy the outdoors annoyance free with this simple outdoor spray recipe.

Whether going on a hike or playing out in the yard, this natural spray is great for kids and adults and is made with natural ingredients including essential oils. This homemade natural bug spray is perfect for many outdoor occasions.

Best of all? No deet or other chemicals that might worry you. While this might not prevent insects from biting or insect-borne diseases, it does create a scent that might help deter outdoor pests.

If you are looking for more of a household bug repellent, try our natural bug killer recipe.

Outdoor Spray

What you need:

Directions: (for every once of spray)

  1. Add a splash of witch hazel to the spray bottle.
  2. Add your essential oils. I use 4 drops total per ounce, but adjust to your needs and sensitivity.
  3. Top it off with distilled water.
  4. Gently shake before each use.

Apply topically on the skin as needed and/or spray surfaces, tents, linens, clothing or air.

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