20 Ways To Use Just One Bottle Of Essential Oil

EO bottle flowers

It’s true…just one 15 ml bottle of Young Living essential oil can go a long way! 15 ml contains about 250 drops. But if you are an essential oil fanatic like me, I can go through a bottle in a month or less because I use essential oils every day and every way possible! Check out my list of ways to use just 1 bottle of essential oil:

1. Diffuse – Diffusing is my favorite! All you need is 2-5 drops to diffuse for a few hours. I use the Young Living home diffuser and I use 2-3 drops in my kid’s rooms, 5 drops in my own room, or 4 drops in common area rooms. If you diffuse 5 drops once daily, you can diffuse for 50 days straight!

2. Make your own body scrub

3. Make your own bath fizzies

4. Make your own essential oil roll-ons

5. Perfume – Use 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oil as a perfume. Joy essential oil is my favorite!

6. Make your own body butter

7. Make your own lip balm

8. Freshen a load of laundry – Add 2-3 drops of essential oils in the detergent compartment. That is 125 loads of laundry!

9. Make your own household cleaner – I love using Thieves household cleaner which is infused with powerful immune supporting essential oils.

10. Massage Oil – Add 1-3 drops to 1 teaspoon of coconut oil for a nice, relaxing massage oil.

11. Trash Cans – Use 2 drops on a cotton ball and place at the bottom of your trash can or diaper pail. I like using Thieves or Purification essential oil.

12. Make your own sleep spray

13. Make your own carpet deodorizer

14. DIY Goo Gone

15. Make your own playdough for the kids

16. Make your own bath salts

17. Make your own dry shampoo

18. Make your own face serum

19. Oil pull with essential oils

20. Make your own deodorant

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